Welcome to Indus Ophthalmic

Indus ophthalmic has been buying, selling and trading ophthalmic instruments, diagnostics or surgical, manual or automated, Alcon, B&L, Zeiss, Topcon, Nidek, Canon, Storz, Haag streit, Takagi, Shin Nippon used ophthalmic equipments since many years.

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We are proud to be part of one of the leading ophthalmic instruments “sales and service company”.We are based in Lahore, Pakistan where we are centered to act quickly on the behalf of our clients for their ophthalmic needs .Indus Ophthalmic is proud of carrying and representing the top brands for the complete ophthalmic solutions for your business or clinic.

HOWEVER, we know that having the best products at a fair price is great but is not enough.

That is why it is our goal to provide outstanding equipments and service to earn your business and confidence for the long term.

In addition, as we are in the position of purchasing and selling used ophthalmic equipments as a value added service. So if you are in the market for ophthalmic instruments give us a call and experience the equipments and service that only Indus Ophthalmic can provide.